Mary Hong’s Glass Art Class

When the Lovelace Interior Designers were invited to attend Mary Hong‘s glass art class we were elated! We commission a lot of her art in our designs and for her to offer to teach us her techniques we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. She explained how to change one persons scraps into a one of a kid treasure, how to mix different media types into one, and how to allow your creativity to know no boundaries. Here is my completed glass art piece, not too shabby for my first time!!


My great friend and one of the most talented artists I know, Mary Hong. (On the right)


Here is a pic of my work in progress, still a ways to go!


Here are some of the other art piece’s done by my friends and fabulous designers at Lovelace.



It is amazing to me that how scraps in a bin can be turned into a masterpiece!

20130912_122500 20130912_122503 20130912_122529


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