Watercolor Pictures


1042610038150219-27runningoak-014-2000p  42388703114510440644150219-27runningoak-015-2000p 150219-27runningoak-035-2000p2591620193150219-27runningoak-017-2000p7829400798150219-27runningoak-030-2000p  150219-27runningoak-037-2000p 1044620177   10727104360398780413   509494048082916805034241360844   064838039047684306032585440580                     9908400510 8780800534 1572930549129031052600355604597339030821823918048798803101313019630746162051014748674901022750540890108970097877022501248713520909491381030370687009921693910969 84555309366516120023

Interior Designers: Karen Kerns and Lindsay Miller, Lovelace Interiors
Photography: MoonCreek Photography
Architect: T.S. Adams Studio Architects
Builder: Ben Giles, White Sands Contracting

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