Vintage Industrial Design

We are seeing along the Emerald Coast more and more design requests to create an interior which incorporates vintage industrial touches. Industrial… in a home… YES! If done the correct way with bringing in light colors and clean lines it can create an environment of rustic elegance. A big factor as to why this look has taken off is because clients are never a fan of walking into another persons home and seeing the same pieces they have. More often than not these vintage selections have history or a story behind them making them a conversation piece as well.  We can’t forget the most important reason we love this style and that is how healthy it is for the environment!

When creating this type of design you will see the use of distressed woods and industrial inspired fixtures and furnishings.  Natural iron finishes are often used on shelving and furniture legs or supports. Take a look at these examples…





Light fixture selections with this design style are often ones with exposed or caged bulbs. Clear blown glass is a favorite because each one is slightly different creating its own uniqueness.





Wood finishes on cabinetry and furnishing are left unstained and in their natural shape creating a very organic feel.






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