Artists We Love in Places We Love Part 1

So often we have clients that have a very specific design style to their home and come to us with an original art piece that they love but it may not be in keeping with the design style.  Original art pieces come is so many different media types and styles. Finding the right piece that compliments the design of your space isn’t as hard as one might think. When selecting and investing in original art the most important thing is that it speaks to you. It maybe that it has sentimental value because the artist created it specifically for you to represent a time in your life or is reflective of the ones or places you love.

Below is an example of how we place art in an unlikely place. This triptych art piece is by one of our favorite local artist’s Mary Hong. This gorgeous contemporary bed lends itself to incorporating art in the negative space above the headboard. These art pieces are made of glass; one of Hongs most recognized media types. Although the bed is a large piece it gives the feeling of being light by use of the chrome finish and light leather upholstery.  The glass art selected does not compete with that concept and only adds to the overall feel of the room.


Here are few other examples of how we have placed Hong’s art in our showroom.


Allison Wickey is a great artist you will likely see in our showroom. She uses a 13 step, 4 day process involving Venetian plaster, acrylic paint, glazes, and an orbital sander. Wickey’s art can be incorporated into any design style. As you can see in the image below we have brought bright colors into the rooms décor and even thought the color pallet of the two pieces above the night stands are not bright they still work well with the aqua, turquoise, and natural finishes.


Here are a few of her other pieces we love.



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